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Taking Inventory at Warehouse


We currently have access to the skills and experience to provide expertise in Logistics and Supply Chain Management across all scopes with experience managing sole-sourced design build projects. Our team can provide purpose-built Warehouse Support tailored to Client Priorities and Objectives at competitive pricing. Our knowledge in the supply chain management system will assist us in creating a system that works with the customers and is effective in managing all facets of the contract requirements.

Why Us.

Our Team members helped create the MARCORSYCOM contract and system from the ground up starting with the procurement of a facility and then making it the system it is today. The current facility is 80,000 sq. ft. this makes us well equipped and ideal for this opportunity to obtain and manage the required facility.

We currently provide services with medical equipment, including preservation, packaging, and packing in a sufficient manner to prevent damage to shipment. Our packing lists (IRRD) accompanying each order and labels and markings on the outside of shipping containers are error free and include all Government furnished information.


All military shipping labels and transportation movement and control documents required for overseas shipments, through the Enterprise Distribution Division Logistics Command, Albany GA and other government agencies as directed by the COR. Materials that require special handling (i.e., hazardous materials and perishable items) are handled, stored, shipped, labeled, and marked in accordance with applicable commercial or government standards.


We are trained and equipped to prepare and assemble medical supplies needed for this contract as soon as possible due to experience in our current contract where within 24 hours’ notice from the COR our AMAL/ADAL assemblages are 90% complete.  Including the schedule transportation for outbound shipments within 24 hours after release by the COR. Which we then accurately report shipment tracking information to the Team as soon as it is available.

Past Performance

Marine Corps System Command

The UI Team currently provides services receiving AMAL/ADAL and Medical Kit components/sub-components, medical equipment and material requisitioned by the Marine Corps EMS team. The team receives stock, stores, exchanges, redistributes/disposes of excess medical equipment and medical material received from forward operating units. The team coordinates with the (COR) to provide the services necessary to dispose of excess medical equipment and supplies through authorized Government or commercial sources.


The team coordinates all shipping actions with the COR and ensure the COR receives all specified shipping documents, reports, and turn-in documents from Government and commercial approved sources. The team is responsible for the: warehousing, inventory control, safeguarding, consolidation, packing, shipping, transportation, safe handling of medical material, proper disposal of medical waste and hazardous material by an approved source, and tracking of shipments to units or activities (i.e. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Disposition Services or waste disposal company) approved by the COR. All disposal actions require a DD 1348-1A generated from Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) as an out-shipment to DLA Disposition Services.  

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