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Bridge Construction


We are proficient in providing all scope items in the historical structural stabilization work, historic millwork replication, fabrication & installation, historical replication/application of plaster textures & finishes, tenant improvement, all types of repairs and alteration of building envelope, conveyance systems, roofing, mechanical and electrical systems, plumbing, and exterior improvements. Construction projects will be completed in a safe, efficient, cost-effective manner that is based upon prudent use of taxpayer funds.

Why Us.

We capable of providing all aspects of project management, site superintendence, labor, and subcontractor management, quality control of installation and end use functionality for all work awarded. Our team can provide purpose-built solutions tailored to Client Priorities and Objectives at competitive pricing. 

One of the niches Unalakleet is focused on and prides itself in is the preservation of historical sites. As modern technologies and construction methods are employed, old traditional skills are lost. With these “Lost skill sets” getting harder to find, our team leverages small businesses on any federal project to facilitate federal funds in the local community and to meet these specific requirements in preserving historical sites. An example of this is our use of local business in our projects with National Park Service, at the Gettysburg National Battlefield.

In addition, the team is focused on minimizing the impact of construction on the local tourism by leveraging a staged approach. The site leads on site are also educated on the historical background of the site so that if approached by tourist our team is knowledgeable about the structure, our site team will be a representation of you the customer.

Our motto and focus are not just words, the team stands behind the; "Use of traditional and modern methods to preserve our rich history.”

Past Performance

GSA Leases Anchorage, AK

Unalakleet Investments, LLC has had a lease since March 1, 2009, that has been renewed for a long-term contract until February 2024. Within this contract we have provided GSA with major repairs, upgrades and maintenance.


Renovated floor including, demo, removal, and reconfiguration to increase employee workspace.

Courthouse Renovation, MLK Courthouse, NJ

Renovations at the MLK Courthouse in Newark, NJ. Performed as the project lead. Complete renovation of the floors, walls and ceiling finishes including other finishes such as the restrooms and kitchens for the current Judge at the courthouse.

The U.S. Army DEVCOM AC, Picatinny Arsenal

UI provides support in the unassembled, removal and disposal of existing furniture. Including furniture remodel and installation.

National Park Service – Gettysburg, Shoring of the Klingel House

Unalakleet and a team of local experts are currently to shore the Klingel House. 

Nature Boardwalk - Unalakleet, Alaska

Unalakleet Native Corporation has put a team together and executed on a nature board walk in Unalakleet, the team completed the task exceeding expectations, finishing the project managing the harsh weather and any other challenges the team ran into. Our project lead was able to coordinate skilled laborer’s, material, and task with great success.

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