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UNAUTIX LLC - Joint Venture

Unalakleet Investments is proud to announce our Joint Venture with Anautics, Inc. The combination of both


our services will create the newest addition to our company's core competencies, UNAUTIX, LLC.

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Our collaboration with Anautix, Inc. brings forth the best capabilities and experience in all aspects of software development. This produces substantial value to the Digital Service Industry. Unalakleet Investments as the subsidiary for Unalakleet Native Corporation (UNC), an Alaskan Native Corporation (ANC), is recognized as an 8(a) certified small business that our Joint Venture will have access to providing vast advantages to our clients through the 8(a) program. Our knowledge and support over the past 10 years will be in combination with Anautix Inc. 22 years of experience, to provide you with the most cutting-edge digital services and training. Our focus is to help your business seize advantage through strategic innovation. We provide you with the skills to exploit new ideas and technologies. Our goal is to develop strategies and products to ensure that your business stays ahead of competition. 


Anuatix Inc. provides UNAUTIX, LLC with team members who have a robust range of capabilities. Our team includes the

highest degree scientists, engineers, technologies, digital experts and designers. We can offer superior product development in order to better enhance your company's attributes. UNAUTIX, LLC specializes in Digital Industry Services, Data Science/AI, Mutli-Cloud Services and even Training for employees. Applying a cross-sector strategy we help provide helpful insights to your company's most complex challenges so you can discover the smartest solutions faster and more efficiently. 

Our Services

Digital Industry Services:


Our Digital Industry Services provide our customers the ability to increase the efficiency of Research and Development, Engineering, Production, and Service operations in order to create the greatest profit while being sustainable

Through digital technologies, our customers overcome operational challenges and deliver higher productivity and quality while reducing cost, risk, and waste.


Under our Digital Industry Servies we Provide:

-BOM & Configuration Management

-CAD Data Management

-Change Management

-Building the Digital Thread

-Process Improvement

-Advanced Manufacturing

-Strategic Planning (Compass Management)

Data Science & AI:

As industries grow, so does technology. Our joint venture provides the most cutting-edge technology in data science and artificial intelligence. The rapid advancements in AI and automation technology along with the digitization of assets and processes, and the escalations in data are key drivers in change within organizations. Oue experience in this field allows us to take on the most challenging obstacles within an organization and find the best solution. Upon looking at the combination of changes in technology, demographics, and socio-economic development, we are able to find the greatest risks within an organization.


Under our Data Science & AI we Provide:

-Data Capture & OCR

-Text Analysis

-Predictive Analytics

-Recommendation Systems

-Big Data  

Multi-Could Services:


When you use two or more cloud-computing resources from any range of different cloud providers, that is called multi-cloud. We distribute computing services in order to minimize the risk of data loss and downtime, we provide a multi-cloud environment strategy to help your company with this complex process. UNAUTIX, LLC mutli-cloud environment ensures that our costumers increase the ease of obtaining information along with reducing the IT infrastructure costs.  

Under our Multi-Cloud Services, we Provide: 

-Government-Owned Cloud Services

-Azure DoD Cloud Services

Training & Help Desk:

We partner with customers to provide training and help desk support for their software solutions. We also offer expertise and capabilities to assist in the successful deployment of applications across the Department of Defense (DoD), other government agencies, as well as in a commercial environment.

Unalakleet Investments, LLc

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