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Unapruve LLC - Joint Venture

Unalakleet Investments is proud to announce our Joint Venture with Pruve Systems, Inc. The combination of both


our services will create the newest addition to our company's core competencies, UnaPruve, LLC.

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Our collaboration with Pruve Systems, Inc. brings forth the best capabilities and


experience in all aspects of Digital Identity and Access Management. This produces substantial value to the


federal online security space. Unalakleet Investments as the subsidiary for Unalakleet Native Corporation


(UNC), an Alaskan Native Corporation (ANC), is recognized as an 8(a) certified small business that our Joint


Venture will have access to providing vast advantages to our clients through the 8(a) program. Our knowledge and


support over the past 10 years will be in combination with Pruve Systems Inc. robust experience, to provide you


with the best and safest service. Our focus is on enhancing stakeholder value, increasing socio-economic


opportunity, and moving cutting edge technology forward in the market


Our Services

Pruve Systems Inc. provides UnaPruve, LLC with cutting edge technology and team members who

specialize in Identity Management, Document Management, Money Disbursement, and Surveillance


/Monitoring Online Content. UnaPruve, LLC will also provide you with top notch A.I, Blockchain, and a


Distributed Ledger, to protect your information at the highest level. UnaPruve, LLC will ensure that we


deliver you with the best online protection, keeping your information safe from identity theft and information leaks.

Our Technologies

Identity Management:

Web-based onboarding consisting of:

- Fully customizable Forms

- OCR of Identity document

- Face match of selfie with a picture in ID

- Liveliness test  Physical Identification of person using a camera, mobile devices, useful in marking attendance of employees, members, students in college/school settings. Mobile SDK that does the above and can enable any API to perform Identification.  Smart card and Single Sign-on: Issuance of E-Smart card that can provide access to the building and access to the various online system. The identity of the person will also carry their role within their organization, so a person can be identified across an organization’s ecosystem.  Visitor management: Any government office needs people to fill up forms, identify themselves, make payments; all of this can be handled through a robust visitor management solution. UnaPRUVE offers to the user the ability to perform a QR scan that fills out and submits forms using their mobile devices.  Surveillance of bad actors in real-time and existing video footage.

Document Management:

The signing of a document with correct Identification of all parties using their ID or their smart cards.  Issuance of Licenses.  Issuance of Certificates.  Access control management to documents using smart cards, if the person is fired, they can no longer access the document even if the documents are on their computer

Money Disbursement: 


Preventing the misuse of funds disbursed by limiting its use to defined purposes.  Automatic rule-based transfers.  Secure distribution of food and medical goods to disaster victims and the underprivileged

Surveillance /Monitoring Online Content (In Beta Testing):

Internet is largely unsearchable when it comes to searching in visual /audio/video content, the Pruve platform analyzes videos/images and provides information about their content, for example, underage nudity, anti-US sentiment, instructions on preparing drugs/weapons

Unalakleet Investments, LLC

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